Monday, December 3, 2012

App Fun:)

My son and I spend a lot of time in the car, so I am always looking for something fun to keep him occupied.  Before I had him, I said I would not be one of "those women who let their kid play with their phone". I so take that back!

There are so many great educational apps, and they are great for when you forget to bring a toy. Think restaurant waiting for food...

Do you let your kids play with your phone or Ipad?  What are your favorite kid friendly apps?

Here are two of our favorites...

The first is called Piano Balls, and it costs $1.99.

It is aimed at preschool aged kids, but I have a great time playing it too.  It lets them play kid favorite songs on the "piano", and it teaches them colors, instruments, and sounds.  They can also just play freestyle on the piano.  It is a lot of fun:)

The second is my son's all time favorite!!  He actually drives me a little crazy with this one...hahaha  Don't get me wrong I actually love it, and think it is adorable.  However he calls Elmo non-stop!!

It is called Call Elmo, and you can get it for $.99 at the Itunes Store. Elmo calls you in a Facetime screen.  It is really cute, because your child's face shows up in the bottom corner (just like on Facetime).

Elmo calls your child about a bunch of things, and the phone really rings and they have to answer it.  There are also voicemails from him, for when your child misses the call.  Like I said this one keeps my son busy for hours!!

The only drawback to kids and apps, is a sticky screen and dead battery.  A small price to pay for a few bites of your dinner, or a quiet car ride;)


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