Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Click Take a Pic..."

If you guys are anything like me...then you take a ton of photos and then wonder what cute things you can do with them.  I am always looking for ways to display them around my house.  I hate leaving cute pictures in the package they get sent in, or in a photo box somewhere. (although digging through those boxes is fun on lazy nights)

Frames are always a fun option, but so many of them are boring.  They either have no distinguishing qualities, or too many.  I can't stand the overdecorated items that they have in most kids departments.  The photo should be main feature, not the frame.  The frame is there to be the fabulous supporting actor;)  I have been looking around for cute frames for the last month...and then leave it to another Little Orso reader to share a great frame with me!!  That is the best part about this blog not only do I share things that I love, but you guys take the time to share things that you love too.  Love it!!  Keep sharing:)

How sweet is that frame?  I love how it has a vintage feel, with a modern design.

This frame is from Picture This, a cute online store that sells personalized frames.  The store is owned and run by Jessika, who lives in Iowa and runs an at home daycare.  She said that she loves the children like her own, and is eager to start her own family.

When she isn't working, she is usually creating new items like these frames, jewelery, scrapbooks... Always something new and fun:)

Not only do I get to share these cute frames with you today, but one of you will get the chance to win a $15 gift certificate to Picture This !!  Which is fabulous to win right now, because they are running a two for $30 special.  Frames are usually $18, so this a great deal:)

To enter our Giveaway you must do 2 things:

1. Head over and like Picture This on Facebook.

2. Post a comment below letting us know what frame you would like to win. Remember you do not need to log in to post a comment.  Just make sure that you put your name in the comment (with the first letter of your last Buckley F.), so that we know who our winner is.

This Giveaway ends tonight (11/14/12) at midnight (pst).  A winner will be picked randomly using  The winner will be announced on our Facebook page tomorrow morning.  Make sure that you like us, so that you get our announcements:)

Good luck!!!


Anonymous said...

I want the black frame (2) above. These are really cute. Jennifer W

Anonymous said...

I would get two dark blue on baby blue frames ( as seen on the FB site). What a great deal!! - Molly J.

Karen said...

I have some great pics of Hattie that would look great in that pink frame!

Anonymous said...

I loved her FB page! I would probably get a Navy Blue frame for a family picture! Michelle R.

Lori said...

Love the double frame! Liked them on FB too!

Crystal Theresa said...

Would love to win the double frame!

Anonymous said...

I like the double frame- Melanie M.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 of these for both my girls, but wouldn't mind having another for a family photo!! I would chose a single frame in the blue/brown as pictured above!! LOVE THESE!! <3

Cally Mitchell

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