Monday, November 19, 2012

Daddy Orso is in Love

My husband loves helping with Little Orso, but this was hands down the best thing I have asked him to do.  A company called Xenon Project asked us if we would review one of their remote control helicopters.  My husband could not say "Yes!!" fast enough.  When he found out that it would be a Marine Corp helicopter (he is a retired Marine and loves anything Marine related), I think he may have stopped breathing ;)

His assignment was to play with the helicopter all weekend.  We played outside, and inside.  We shared with the neighborhood kids, and let our 20 month old son play with it.  I am happy to report that the helicopter is still in one piece:)

Doesn't that look like a real helicopter??

I have to admit that I was very impressed by the helicopter too.  The design was amazing, it looked so real.  No chunky pieces, like the remote control vehicles of my childhood.

There was almost no assembly required, just add some batteries to the remote control and charge the helicopter (plug it into your computer with a USB cord, or you can charge it off your remote control iteself).

The remote was very user friendly and comfortable to hold.  I remember some being so bulky or heavy, that it took the fun out of using them.  It is very sensitive though, so it does require some practice.

The helicopter is recommended for children over 14 years.  I think maybe 10 and up, if they have previous RC experience.  However that should not keep you from buying one for younger kids.  My 20 month old son had a fabulous time chasing the helicopter around, and even sat still and watched it take off and land (you know how hard it is to get a toddler to sit).

The best part is that the helicopter is safe for inside and outside play.  I have a lot of delicate items (up high and out of reach of little hands), and I felt ok with the helicopter being flown in the house.

This helicopter was a huge hit in our home!!  I really don't have anything bad to say about it, and was shocked at how affordable they are.

Xenon Project is a Southern California based company, that sells high end items like this. They specialize in remote control vehicles, and carry many other items besides this helicopter.

The company was started by two RC enthusiasts that wanted to bring great items to their customers, and they have hand picked some of the best items out there.  Not only did we have a great weekend playing with this helicopter, but I now know where to shop for my husband and son for every holiday.

We are thinking that a boat would be great, for the near by lake or pool:)  My husband is leaning towards some tanks to battle me

And here comes the fun part for you...Xenon Project is letting us give the helicopter away to one of our fans. (I have a feeling that some men may actually stop by today)

To enter this Giveaway you must do 3 things:

1.  Like Xenon Project on Facebook

2.  Be a fan of Little Orso on Facebook

3. Leave a comment below telling us which Xenon Project is on the top of your wish list.  Remember you do not have to log in to leave a comment, but you do need to put your name in the comment so we know who to contact.

This Giveaway will end tomorrow (11/20) at midnight (pst). A winner will be announced on our Facebook page on Wednesday (11/21) morning.

Good luck!!

**The post above is a sponsored post.  We received free products, or financial compensation from the above mentioned company.  However the reviews and thoughts of Little Orso were not influenced in any way, and are our genuine thoughts and feelings.


Gabriella's Mommy said...

My little sister owns a remote controlled helicopter. My husband loves playing with it I would love to win this for him

Anonymous said...

I have been searching for something great for my 13 year old grandson. I am so happy I found your site today, I can shop for all of my grandkids here. Susan W

Diane said...

James and I were just looking at remote helicopters as a possible Christmas gift for his son... of course it is really so James can play with it. :)

Leslie said...

How cool! I thought the S018 Mini Airwolf Remote Control Helicopter was the best!!

Leslie M.

Anonymous said...

The helicopter is so neat, but i love the boats too!! :D Cally Mitchell

Anonymous said...

I like that your site is not overly girly. Most are not very dad welcoming. I would love to get my two boys any of the monster trucks at their store. Cool blog! David

Anonymous said...

I want the helicopter from this post. It is so cool, my 8 year old and husband would love this. Jen W.

Anonymous said...

What a great post and online store. I want one of their race cars. My 4 kids would love these. Julia O

Anonymous said...

Winning any of the helicopters would make my son go CRAZY!! :) Very neat site! Molly Johnson

Anonymous said...

I want everything in their store. You are right the boats are pretty cool. Alex Davis

Anonymous said...

What a cute blog!
My good friend just sent me over, and I spent today reading old posts. I want everything:)

Today's post is no exception. I would love the helicopter, and plan on buying a Cessna from this store. I am giving my husband flying lessons for Xmas & figured I could wrap this with it. Can't wait to see what you share next. Leslie M <:

Katie said...

Nice to see a quality remote controlled helicopter! My son has had a couple that we bought at Wal-Mart that were rather pricey but completely fell apart within a day or two of use.
We had given up on them but maybe these would be a better solution?
I checked out the website...the nitro cars look pretty cool, but so does the remote control Cessna.

Anonymous said...

We want the helicopter being given away. If we don't win, we are going to buy that one. We hope we win. Carrie F

Anonymous said...

yes a cool kids blog & cool giveaway. i want this helicopter, my sons and i would have a great time this. brian

Anonymous said...

I love Little Orso. This is the 1st contest I have ever entered. Hope I win. I would love a jetski, they are so cute. Caryn S.

Antoinette said...

OMG!!! I HAVE NEVER wanted to win so badly!! Adrian (my son) is OBSESSED with helicopters!!! He calls them "hectors" when he sees them! Its his new favorite thing!! I think he would love this as one of his Christmas gifts!!! thanks for the chance buckley!! and to this company!

Anonymous said...

I want this helicopter. My husband and I have been looking for an affordable remote control helicopter or plane for our daughter. She wants to be a pilot when she grows up, and loves everything like this. This would make a great Christmas gift for her. Thank you for sharing this store. We had not heard of them before. Diane

Courtney said...

This is awesome! I think Jason and Carter would get a kick out of this. They big yellow gyro copter would totally be on my wish list for them.

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